Preparing young minds for their future is an art Arya Academy (AA) is continuously refining over the past 15 years. Through quality education in key subjects: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, AA equips students from Class 9th to 12th take up challenges in their future collegiate education.

AA's experience reveals that students in middle and high school develop either a "like" or a "dislike" for Mathematics - an attitude that often results in students shaping life changing movements. In reality, mathematics is fun to learn. It plays a key role in life's activities and forms a fulcrum to many career choices in the later years. Against this thought, AA believes every student is intelligent and strives to elevate his / her grasp of the subject matter to the highest possible level. AA's policy is simple: "STUDENT FIRST".

AA designs and implements a 360 degree study path that enables not only students to study and grasp concepts of the subject matter but also allows parents to measure the progress of their wards throughout the course. With small batch sizes at timings convenient to students, AA focuses on personalized attention to individual students across education boards: CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IPE and ISC.

AA believes more in work than words. Visit us or talk to us to know more about us.]


We are in this field for many years. We deal with Coaching & Tuitions for Maths, Physics and Chemistry
ARYA ACADEMY. one of the best coaching for Maths and Science has built a brand which has devoted its entire efforts in providing quality education and training to the students.
AA believes that every student is equally intelligent to able to understand the concepts of the class in which he study. It is the role and responsibility of the teacher to go to the level of the student and make him understand the subject from that level to the highest possible level.
Our simple policy is "Student First" the interest of the students who enrol in Arya Academy receive the best training as far as board exams are concerned.
ARYA ACADEMY was founded by Mr. ANAND KRISHNA and Mrs. RAJITHA in the year 1998.
Arya Academy specializes in implementing and designing curriculum with the aim of imparting quality education. On completion of every chapter an assessment is done and performance is analyzed and discussed with parents through a development report. We focuses on personalized attention to each student by keeping the batch size small- 15 students per batch.
 We help children learn and become confident in their knowledge! We are an education platform set up to help students acquire a deep understanding of a subject and, as a result, get better marks, through resource centres in schools and neighbourhood centres.
Arya Academy has programs in Maths and Science for Classes VII TO XII.

WHY Arya Academy ?

Maths is a subject of tears to all the students who have not understood properly or not applied correct method in solving the problems. All these students are quite intelligent and are doing well in other subjects. These students either do not pursue engineering or other  professional courses or take other courses which do not suit them.
"There's nothing a child can't do". " DO LITTLE MATHS and SCIENCE DAILY, BUT PRACTISE EVERYDAY"

Maths - Hate it or Love it?

Chances are that if your child is past Class 5, he or she falls into one of the following two categories of people on this planet: people who love Maths or those who fear it. Research shows that middle school is where the beauty of Maths is often turned into an ugly, scary monster, out to hunt the faint-hearted. The amazing thing is that, done right, it does not have to be that way at all. In fact, while not everyone is a natural mathematician, Maths as a subject can be fun to learn and explore with a little bit of imagination. Maths plays a key role in life and of course is central to many career options later in life. Why should your child shut out those career choices so early in life?

About Arya Academy

We help children learn and become confident in their knowledge! We are an education platform set up to help students acquire a deep understanding of a subject and, as a result, get better marks, through resource centres in schools and  neighbourhood centres. Our Academy has programs in Maths and Science for Classes VII TO XII.Arya Academy deals with CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, INTERMEDIATE, ISC, SSC for classes 8th  to 12th.

Arya Academy Learning System

WHY Arya Academy ?

Today, our children are taught Maths with a primarily left-brain approach, through extensive drill and practice. The right side of the brain does not participate, so children are not able to see the big picture, and understand Maths and its real applications. At our Academy every chapter is introduced through examples, activities and games to engage the right brain before getting into extensive practice. We know that each child is different, with different learning styles, and will face different learning challenges. Our assessment tracks each child through their complete learning process, and focuses on their specific learning needs. Our class sizes are small (not more than 22 to 25 learners) so that individual attention can be given to each student.

Arya Academy was set up to answer the following questions from parents

1.    Why is my child who is otherwise very bright, having trouble with Mathematics and Science?
2.    My child is not very good at Maths?  What do I do?
3.    Why is Maths and Science becoming harder for my child every year even though he is going to the same  school and going for tuition as well?
4.    My child is already doing well – getting 95%+ marks.  But I don't think he / she is really understanding the subject?


METHODOLOGY As a backdrop to explaining our methodology, there are a few tenets that are important to put into perspective.

1.    The size of class must be small. Children learn differently. The need for a system separate from that of the school is because children cannot get the individual attention required. If the tuition class also has 40 + children, it is following the same principles as a school. At Arya Academy the maximum class size is limited to 20 or 25. This  allows for individual attention as well as small group activity.
2.    Tutor Certification : A methodology and content can only be as successful as the person delivering it. In this  Academy our selection process weeds out more than 25% of applicants. Thereafter training is provided to ensure that delivery will be sound
3.    Continuous Monitoring : We track ongoing performance of each student through our central correction of assessment. Our tutors and us work together on problems in learning and work out ways to bring up the level of each  student.

Concept Development

During concept development, your child is introduced to basic concepts along with helping him or her understand the purpose and logic of the concepts being taught.

This is done through collaborative exercises involving games, activities and discussions. Examples used are from real life and most often in areas that the students will otherwise be interested. The focus is as much on 'why' the concept is relevant to them as 'how' to apply it

These activities can be computer-based, or through manipulatives and experiments. Students are provided with kits for such activities.


Topic Mastery

Once the concept is clear, Topic Mastery is achieved through a carefully constructed set of slides that ensure that the topic is dealt with comprehensively. The different structures are:

  • Topic Objectives and Summaries : Each topic is explained in context, and summarized on completion to provide a reference framework
  • New Terms. are explained extensively since their meaning in Maths and Science are frequently more specific than their meaning in common usage. This resolves much of the confusion that comes in later years.
  • Examples and Exercises : Class exercises are used extensively to ensure that variants of an idea or concept is fully applied
  • Critical Mistakes. Learning is better by correcting mistakes rather than not making any. We use 'Correct the Sum' exercises in which students point out the mistake and discuss how to set it right



  • Once topics have been mastered, Practice ensures that the understanding translates to competence in solving problems. A separate Practice Book is provided with many problems and questions
  • Questions are arranged from easy to difficult, so that a student finds each problem easy to solve and ends up solving complex problems because they are just a little harder than the previous.
  • A significant amount of time is provided for Practice.


On completion of each chapter, there is a test. The results from this test are used to provide a developmental report. The developmental report highlights performance by:
  • Topic : In each chapter, topic-wise performance is visible, allowing for more focus during remediation.
  • Question Type : This is RMA (Recall, Mechanics, Application) in Maths and MCA (Memory, Comprehension, Application) in Science. Analysis of this shows areas where special classes may be required
  • Error Type : Every wrong answer is tabulated to be one of 6 possible error types. Trends in error types point. to basic learning orientations and are then addressed during remediation.

In addition to the regular chapter tests, there are term assessments and tests that may be required by students facing difficulty in some areas of Math. While the developmental report is at the heart of ARYA assessment, there are additional reports to further support analysis including trends and detailed analysis of each question of a test.


The remediation session is held if necessary. During remediation, students are supported individually. Remediation sessions are frequently held across mixed batches and while the time is usually the same as the other classes. Some students may have longer sessions or may not have a session at all. Remediation sessions are usually required because

Remediation is done keeping in mind the learning style of the student.

  • The developmental report shows some areas that need special attention.
  • There are some homework difficulties that the student is not able to resolve.
  • There is a text scheduled the coming week.
  • The student has missed some sessions and needs additional help.

Some of our answers are below

  • Why children struggle with Maths and what is a solution?

    Very early in their academic career many children decide that Maths (and Science) is not for them. There is a study of 'Math Anxiety' which indicates that children can easily drop into a negative cycle of Avoidance – Anxiety – Failure if they have even one major negative experience with the subject. On the other hand the positive cycle of Pursuit – Confidence – Success is rare and children who achieve it also may drop into the negative cycle over time.
    The size of classes in school is too large for individual attention. The present system of tuitions is more oriented towards rote learning. The only way to stay in the positive cycle is through understanding and that does not happen well enough. Our focus in AA is Deep Understanding and through that to get to better marks.

  • Why does Maths (and Science) get harder over time even for students scoring well?

    In the early years, even without understanding something, problem solving is possible since the number of problems presented is limited and once it is memorized, all other similar problems can be solved. This often leads to a false sense of confidence as well.
    In higher classes, the number of problem types increase. With this comes the difficulty in memorizing each problem type. Studious students manage, but they no longer enjoy it. So they get their marks but they know that they will not continue.
    Again the answer is to understand the subject.

  • The future seems full of entrance exams. What will happen there?

    It is unfortunately true that the entrance examination situation in the country is getting more competitive every day, with entrance tests to even get into premier coaching institutes. It is likely that if your child is interested in getting into engineering or some other difficult discipline, she will in all probability have to go to a coaching centre.
    This training starts from the 9th standard or so. By this time it is very late to get the basics right. At ARYA ACADEMY our objective is to get the basics right and get better marks in school. More importantly, clear basics means that entrance exams will be easier to do, and dreams for engineering or for that matter, anything involving some level of Maths or Science will become potential opportunities for your child.

  • To find out how we do things in our Academy do visit the Methodology section of our website