We thank you Mr Anand for giving absolute coaching to my son Vishal in 10th class

- Mr Raju

I always thought of this word (tuition) to mean just another place to study and clarify my doubts. When I first stepped inside the academy I hardly knew this meaning would change. I am so grateful to have joined this academy , I just keep wishing I had joined earlier. This place has taught me so much beyond books and MATH. And all the credit goes to you SIR !!

- Suchitha Kanodia (Delhi Public School)

After coming to India, I always struggled with MATH. Thanks to you sir, I was able to overcome my struggles and actually have fun while doing MATH ! Thank you for making the hardest subject in the world easier

- Varun Nekkanti (Glendale school)

I strongly recommend Arya Academy for Mathematics Tuition.My Daughter went there  for her  9th and 10th  CBSE Maths. Many Teachers might have the skill like Anand Sir but only he has the right methodology ,right teaching style and the right  work ethic. He  sincerely believes that he can make  a difference in the students future and takes deep interest in motivating  children. Another unique thing  is the quality of tests he gives on each chapter, they are not the run of the mill questions you get from guides and books. He puts lots of efforts in preparing the questions and  once the student succeeds in answering his papers they  gain lot of confidence and  the board papers seem to be relatively easy.He customizes tests to suit a students Individual learning ability. I have seen students who used to get 60% marks before get around 90% after attending his tuition.

- Ramana V Suryadevera F/o Shriya (2018-19)
  Functional Manager, IBM

It is with great pride and joy that I would like to share with you the journey of my son Sundara Vishnu whom you had had coached and tutored for 10th grade CBSE exam.

The journey started in February 2018 when we were introduced to you by Mr. Raju. My son was eager to get tutored by a teacher who would challenge him intellectually and coach him on how to learn and master the art of exam preparation. According my son’s interaction with you, your contribution significantly exceeded his expectations from a teacher.

I totally endorse his experience. We found Anand sir style of content dissemination, candid and balanced feedback on progress and constant motivation to achieve  were super effective in making my son secure top marks and also build discipline, humility, tenacity to succeed and maturity to deal with setbacks. 

We strongly feel fortunate to have interacted with Anand sir and build a strong and healthy relationship to be considered as an extension of our family and a genuine well-wisher. We remain deeply grateful to his efforts and all his honest advice on issues. 

Wishing him all the success in his career and life to be a positive force on the student community!

-Satish Raghavendran F/o Sundara Vishnu (2018-19)
  Vice President, Cognizant

It has been a privilege for my son to be part of your classes for the past two years. While what he learnt and practised in your classes have sharpened his skills, what matters is to be in the right hands and guidance to see things differently with your vast experience. We humbly thank you for being his guide and mentor and I as a parent would definitely say this that they would miss you from deep of their hearts....thank you for your patience and blessings.

- Sandeep Rao T F/o Suhaas Rao (2020-21)
  Associate Vice President
  Andhra Paper Ltd

No words can express the thanks of the parents in your efforts sir. The kids have been taught well, they enjoy the subject, and they have thoroughly enjoyed the learning process as well. My immense respects, thanks and congratulations to you. Of course a regular exam with excellent results might have been a more fitting farewell, but sir, kind request to have a farewell class after the conditions are suitable pandemic wise to bid proper goodbye. Students need your proper blessings for the future too.

- Dr Amaresh F/o Shanmukha (2020-21)
  Cardiologist, NIMS Hospital 

Every now and then we hear about EXTRAORDINARY students But today we want to thank an EXTRAORDINARY teacher who has gone out of way to stay back and take extra classes to make sure his students find their way in life. Thank you sir .

- Dr Rajashekar Reddy F/o Karthik Reddy (2020-21)

My real appreciation for your teaching and mentorship this pandemic year. I feel that you have gone above and beyond your responsibilities as a teacher this year by taking the time personally go through your students dissertations and providing us with valuable advice and suggestions. Your commitment to help and mould us will become better individuals. Our overall performance as a class reflects on your teaching abilities and prowess. We have been very lucky to have you. You are an indispensable to the entire student community. We will miss you sir.

- Dr Sree Laxmi M/o Akhil Mohan (2020-21)

Tq so much sir we shall always be grateful for all d effort and hard work u have put in for our children future 🙏

- Dr Shilpa Reddy M/o Taanya Reddy (2020-21)